Follow Me Around: A conversation with Robert Jonas

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Robert Jonas has seen Radiohead a whopping 28 times dating all the way back to 1993. We discuss some of his favorite concert moments over the years, why Thom Yorke dragged him onto a tour bus over a T-shirt, a hand written letter Robert received from Thom during The Bends sessions, and some tips on attending shows yourself. Near the end of the episode we go into the weeds and discuss the state of modern concert ticket sales, Elliott Smith, and speculate about why the band members’ conservative lifestyles may have prolonged their careers.



Robert received this letter from Thom Yorke in 1994 after meeting him a year earlier on the tour bus, and then framing the T-shirt that Thom signed for him.

It says:

Dear Rob,

thanks for writing. Wow!
framing T-shirts, next thing we know we’ll have our plectrums framed in “Rock Cafés around the world! Or not.

I’m sitting in the control room of a studio in london – RAK. which where were (sic) recording new stuff for the album + so  on. Phil is currently playing a wierd (sic) ribe cymbal thing on Nice Dream. Jonny’s in the corner drawing with an Apple Mac.

Hope you like the new stuff!

all love,



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